Monday, March 29, 2010

In choosing the kitten's fashionable prom attire, we (their moms) decided that understated better suited this occasion, so we put our creativity into the details. Nina found the vintage dress which needed a bit of altering and a bit of sleeve. We gave that job to Dan Barney. We also asked him to embroidered the prom's theme onto the tuxedo jacket. It sort of looked like a wedding napkin. Then to top it off, he replaced the button on the tuxedo with a button covered with the same fabric as teen kitten's sleeves and belt. Oh Dan Barney! He is so talented we could keep him very busy. Actually I should say, we kept him very busy.

Photos were fun inside Nina's studio and outside too. She is so amazing. It's not just the technical skills, she obviously has those, it's the way people interact easily and comfortably around her. Nina captures these moments where her subjects aren't posed, they just are. It's those quiet instances that I want to keep and remember.

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Laura A said...

Wow! I love what he did with that dress! It's FABULOUS! Good job, Dan Barney!

Mendy said...

That dress is fantastic. My old prom dress is hanging its head in shame.


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