Thursday, March 4, 2010

ExVotos in Progress

It's amazing how much a little light can speed drying time.

Every once in a while, do you have a day when you actually accomplished all that you wanted to accomplish? I had one of those today. First I knew what it was I wanted to do, then I did only what was necessary this morning and got into the studio quickly. I took the phones out of the room and I stayed focused. I mean really focused. I didn't start picking paint flecks off of the tile floor or cleaning the bird's cage. I didn't write entertaining texts to Dan or chat with my mom while sort of working . I didn't think about everthing else I wanted to do, I just focused.

...and I'm feeling pretty good right now.
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Mendy said...

It's been years since I've had a focused day - congratulations. Can't wait to see more of the ExVotos..... Like a total fangirl I've linked to your blog from mine - hope you don't mind:)


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