Monday, March 22, 2010


Last week for Family Night we updated our Emergency 72 Hour Kits. It was a good thing too because the clothes in Teen Kitten's pack actually fit Littlest Kitten. We threw away old snacks (Ew!) and replaced them with things we'd really eat. My only concern is that when we tried some practice drills, our packs were so heavy that we didn't get very far very fast.

Tonight we participated with our neighborhood MOCK DISASTER. Each family was given a scenario caused by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

Our family was not lucky enough to get to practice major medical trauma, but we did have a fire in the basement, no water or electricity and had to be able get to our 72 hour kits.

We rocked it. I knew right where the fire extinguisher was located and we reviewed how to pull the tab.
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