Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Besides being under the stage lights, my favorite part of performing is seeing all of the dancer's costumes. It's like dress-ups gone wild back stage. Some of those ladies are outrageous with everything from feathers to layers of beautiful tribal belts. I took my sketchbook to draw backstage but ended up nervously going through the dance over and over in my head instead. I made my own belt and skirt this time. It was heavy enough but I'd like one even heavier. The tassels flung pretty nicely.

I thought tonight about why belly dancing is important to me. I mean, it's a little extravagant to spend time dressing up and dancing around when there is so much else to do. In class we practice isolated movements, expressing and feeling with every part from our necks and hands right on down to our feet. I feel connected to my body and I think that's important. The challenge of learning new techniques and remembering the dances is good exercise for my mind as well as my body, that's important too. I just love it... it makes me happy and that's important too.
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amy said...

you look beautiful and I'm so sad I missed it. Is there a summer class? Do we have to wait until fall?

Kat said...

love the costume - you look guys should perform for the fam since nobody saw ya!

Anonymous said...

That skirt is something else. Put a little cardigan with it and you're good to go to church!

Anonymous said...

dude! I was just wondering if you were still belly dancing, and evidently you are. when do you perform?


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