Friday, March 19, 2010

Audrey Flack

I've admired Audrey Flack's work since I was a BFA student. Her photo realist paintings are so juicy with color and symbolism. It's always a risk meeting someone you look up to. Sometimes it's disappointing. Audrey Flack was amazing. I admire her even more that I did before. Like she said, "it may take centuries, but the truth always comes out."

She's a spunky, cute little lady. She talked about how hard it was being a female artist in a time where there weren't any other women she knew having children. Other women either chose not to have them or gave them up. She painted with her daughters in her arms. She showed pictures of the artists she was hanging out with and talked about how alcohol was the demise of so many.
She talked about the criticism she received and learned to ignore, about artworks that moved and inspired her and about how painting can be sacred.
When she talked about her own work she'd say, "that is an amazing painting!" I just grinned hearing that. She loves her work. I love her work.
I didn't know that Audrey Flack stopped painting one day, just couldn't do it. She spent the next phase of her career sculpting. Her sculpture is stunning as well. I wondered if I might one day do something like that.
Audrey has a book called, Art And Soul where she has written about art and being an artist.


Anonymous said...

I love fascinating women like that. See, you can have it all!

so said...

peace to you
paint girl paint


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