Monday, March 22, 2010

As a family we practiced different techniques of finding cover during an earthquake.
We learned that we don't all fit under the coffee table. I feel better knowing that, for sure.

At the designated time, we put our sign in the window to let our Block Captain know that we were alright. Then we all met at the Captain's house to discuss and eat treats.

I insisted we do some drills as a group, just to get comfortable in an earthquake situation.

Seriously though, it's less scary to know that in an actual emergency, not only do we have a plan, but we have each other. It gives me a nice, warm feeling inside when I think about each of the people in my neighborhood and how I care about them and they care about me.

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pamela said...

i find the very best FHEs have always been disaster related. i mean, seriously, we all love pretending we're in a really horrible situation. you should try jumping out of your windows in a mock fire, my kids loved that one.

**miss you, as always.


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