Tuesday, March 30, 2010


And here in my isolation I can grow stronger. Poetry seems to come of itself, without effort, and I need only let myself dream a little while painting to suggest it. -Paul Gauguin

My best painting days come after an evening alone in the studio, preparing my panels and sorting my thoughts. It's in the quiet that my mind can swim without the pressure of wasting valuable work time. As I get older, I crave isolation more and more. I used to think of hermits as sad and lonely, now I'm wondering if there is a community education class on how to become one. Hermit is a Greek word meaning "desert-dweller." I love the desert. Hmm...
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Jethro said...

Haha! I think you should teach that community class.

Mendy said...

I would totally take Hermit 101. I think I would also be interested in Curmudgeon Basics.


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