Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreaming of the Coast

My lips and my blood have a blueish tint. This season is good, a hibernation. About now though, I want to name it, acknowledge that I'm feeling slightly depleted and make plans. One of my happy places, where I feel my spirit replenish is Cannon Beach.
The first couple of times I went to Cannon Beach I was confused. Dan Barney grew up near there and he immediately would get this sense of calm and happiness where I would be wondering where the sun was. In my childhood vacation memories, beach meant sun. I loved the time we spent on the Oregon Coast, catching slugs, searching through tide pools and quietly eating chowder with a view of the water and I eventually I felt it too.
Now when I visit, it's a warm place where I love everybody and everybody seems to be feeling that same calm. I think that feeling is captured well in the video we made early one morning. I'd like to make another one.

I'm going the weekend of April 30 for my show at Heritage Gallery. I'm staying at The Cannon Beach Hotel where the manager, sassy little Lisa Fergus is manager. She is the queen so ask for her if you call. Maybe we can make a new video!

I haven't talked to the gallery yet but I have an idea. I really want to do another ExVoto prompted project. I'm also thinking that since it's right before Mother's Day, maybe it should be this project should be about mothers, being one and having one. So be thinking about your stories and I'll call for those soon. Right now I'm going to start travel plans. The hotels fill up that weekend so come on....

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