Monday, February 8, 2010

Invitation for Collaboration

I've been wanting to... so I'm doing it, a project inspired by Ex-Votos. In Spanish exvoto means 'votive offering.' These little tin paintings depict stories, explaining why the giver is giving thanks. They are personal stories, hung in public to share and inspire.

I think 'motherhood' is an appropriate subject, especially this close to Mother's Day.

So this series of little devotional paintings is to be offered and dedicated to mothers and motherhood. If you have a story that should be painted and shared, send it to me at

There is going to be a special, private unveiling of these paintings at the Spring Unveiling at Cannon Beach at Heritage Gallery. I'll post more about that soon.

I've been working on getting the tin plates ready today. I'm shooting some video in the studio too. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

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pamela said...

oh man, i honestly would do this but is it overkill to keep participating in all your projects??

i love it. what a beautiful way to get inspiration.

Kaitlyn said...

what a great idea, I love then Cass

Cassandra Barney said...

Send your stories! Tell me about your mother, being a mother or someone who mothered you.
Pam I could paint your whole life!

Melody said...

Hi Cassandra,
I love reading your blog. I know your brother Peter although he may not remember me since it was many years ago. Your husbands mom is in my mom's ward. I used to live in Utah and went to BYU. I paint, but only in my free time right now. I think of myself as an artist and as quite creative, however when I read your blog I realize that I have let my left brain, and my extremely left brained husband seep out much of the truly genuine soul searching creativity I used to dig in. Reading your words helps me reconnect and remember. So thank you.
On to my story of my mother.
Her mother died giving birth to her in 1955. Throughout her life and especially in her adult life she has had many beautiful instances of experiencing her mother communicate and nurture her from the other side of the veil. One of these beautiful moments happened when my mom escorted my sister to the temple for the first time. She was feeling sad that her mom could not be there to see her first daughter go through the temple. As she walked through the doors of the temple, one of the women working that day walked straight up to my mom, put her arms around her and said, "I know you don't remember me, but I knew your mother, and I have felt her here today. She is with you."
Another experience happened when my mom was trimming the rosebushes on her mothers grave as she always does each memorial day. On this day a group of people were standing nearby and a man saw her and walked up to her. He said, "you must be Gayle's daughter." Then he gave her a big long hug. He then told her what a wonderful women her mom was. My mom said that long strange hug from a stranger was just like getting a hug from her mother. Coincidences? Sure, but I know they weren't. That witness you get when you know something is not a coincidence is strong, and I'm sure my Grandma Gayle reached out through strangers to hug my mom on those days.
I thought the rosebush and the hug would make a pretty fabulous little painting.
If you don't do it, then I'll get around to it someday. I'll just have to wait until my kids are a little older and when I can take some classes from you. :)
Since this is kind of personal, if you don't leave it showing in your comments, that's cool. Either way is fine.
Thanks again for your blog!

Cassandra Barney said...

Melody- That is so beautiful. I can't wait to paint it. You should too! Thank you so much.


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