Monday, January 4, 2010


I've been thinking about little tin paintings (for more info click here) again . While I'm working out the details, please send me your stories at
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Anonymous said...

I love this one! When I was growing up, I always made little people out of glue I'd dry in little puddles in my school desk and then roll into balls and shape them. I'd make them little houses in little boxes and pretend they were my little friends I needed to take care of. Since then, I have always had a ridiculous soft spot for miniatures. Crazy kid.

Janet said...

Hello Cassandra!!!

It has been way too long since Ive visited your site. I see Ive missed wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So I wish upon you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEAR instead. For you everyday seems to be a celebration of sorts. I for one, am delighted that there is such a person as Cassandra Barney, who adds zest, color, humor, whimsy, inspiration and an added measure of love to life. These gifts are not scattered among a few friends, very carefully chosen, rather they burst from your heart, flowing to all within your reach. I had forgotten how many times you had brightened my stormy days, bringing laughter which filled my empty heart...a great reminder to keep my heart open, for joy surely did still exist. I merely needed to have an eye to see joyful moments and have a heart ready to capture them as they appeared. Thank you, My Friend!



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