Sunday, January 3, 2010

Morning and NIght Personalities

I called it 'closing ceremonies' as I stashed away the last remnants from the last party. Each celebration has already blurred into one long holiday in my memory.
Prior to this year's festivities, I was living as a morning person. I was up before dawn with a clear head, ready to rock the world. Interesting that parties almost always happen at night, late into the night. I actually can't recall the last time I was in bed before 2:00a.m. this season.

Is personality influenced by sleeping schedules?
I think I'm different as a night person. The differences in what I wear and eat are subtle. More noticeable would be that I laugh a lot more, sometimes too much. Things just aren't as funny in the morning hours. At night I'm also more prone to spontaneous actions. I'll keep those examples to myself.
The main thing I've noticed happens while I'm asleep. I've had some strange dreams. I've also been more aware of whatever part of me floats around in the ethereal realm at night. Like this morning, sometime near dawn I was slightly conscious of searching. I was gliding along, looking for something. I wasn't looking with my eyes but with another part of me. It was an intense longing I would continue to endure. I want to paint that.

I'm ready to be a morning person again. I think I'll probably feel something close to jet-lag tomorrow. I don't to party anymore, but I do want to hold on to some of that ethereal searching. I want to paint that.
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