Sunday, December 27, 2009


I remember playing the part of Mary in our Christmas Eve nativity. I remember my aunt Lorelie dressing us up and my dad reading from the bible. Even though we cousins joked around a little bit as we walked in and knelt on the carpet in front of our parents, I remember how it felt. It felt the same this Christmas as I helped my aunt dress the kittens, as I watched them kneel on the carpet and as I listened to Teen Kitten reading from the bible.
On Christmas Eve, everything else melted away and my mind was filled with memories, really good memories.

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Laura A said...

Happy Christmas, Cassandra!

Our little Maxwell played baby Jesus in our family nativity this year. His oldest sister was Mary. There were so many cousins to fill parts, we had a couple camels and a choir of angels. Definitely a time for memories.


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