Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Party

For the past month I've been getting ready for my church Christmas party.
Within my limited budget, I came up with this brilliant idea of making wrapping paper medallions. I wanted to do something that would bring the focus up so that everything in the room wasn't on the same level.
For me this most fulfilling part of projects like this is the problem solving. I woke up several mornings reworking my plans. I can't wait for the party!
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The Kimball Herd said...

Autumn Kimball here we went to europe together ages ago......I loved this post because I did a wedding this year at sundance with hundreds of medallions using wallpaper. Good to see you and Emily in the arts. I'm still pluging away too.

you can see the fans at ( I think the post would be in August /September)

my work is at

happy holidays

emily said...

I like shiny things.

Anonymous said...

VERY cool! Definately not your typical Christmas decor...I like it!


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