Friday, November 20, 2009

Even if I only paint for a couple of hours a day, I'm more centered. I've started three paintings all about being calm. I'm obviously reacting to the upcoming holidays.

While I've been working on several projects in the studio, my kittens have all been working as well. My littlest one usually comes home from school with an agenda that includes doing artwork. The other two come in and out, each spending time talking with me.

Each of them does precious, sensitive, personal artwork. I'm proud of all of them for lots of reasons, including straight A's. The time we spend in the studio together is my very favorite time.

I don't have a good picture of Littlest Kitten's artwork that won the award but I'm posting a couple more from that series. Teen Kitten as done dozens of tiny portraits over the last few months. Middle Kitten has been drawing, building and painting. She's also been experimenting a bit with photography.

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pamela said...

we're dying over your girls artwork! bryan even said he liked some as well as he likes yours - tell your sweet daughters that.

**i keep reading your blog for many reasons, but one is to allow me to hope for a day that i'm in a studio, not just my kids.


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