Tuesday, October 20, 2009

After class I was talking to my cousin Amy or ' Aimichka' about finding a good belly dancing name. I'm having a hard time finding one that's just right. 'Cassandra' is actually is an appropriate belly dancing name, being Greek and all, but it's my professional daytime name. Boring. I want another one. I really like the gypsy names.

I love belly dancing. It feels like a celebration of my body and of being a woman. I feel so good after I've stretched and moved. I love the music. When I'm not trying to remember the choreography or goofing off with Teen Kitten or my aunt or cousin, I sometimes get caught up in the music. My body starts to feel a part of the music. The jingle of the coins become part of the music too. It's a connection with something beautiful.
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J said...

I vote for Fifika

amy said...

Cissi, Calissa, Circe, Gelasia are all fun names that fit you :) Check out this site...http://www.babynamebox.com/greek-baby-names.html

I love your post and I completely agree with you on everything you said.

Stephanie said...

Maybe Aishe ("alive") or Simza ("joy")?


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