Thursday, September 10, 2009

I just finished titling, signing, photographing, and pricing. Whew! Painting them is the easy part. Now I'm excited to go to Cannon Beach. Considering that this show isn't one I'd had six months to work on, I'm pretty proud of myself. These pieces work nicely together. 'Paradise' is a topic I'd like to keep exploring.
I just finished these two little gems in time to pack them in my suitcase. They are both 9X12".
Bianca and Beatrice (above) is about a mother and daughter. Though, it could be sisters or friends. Beatrice means, voyager through life and Bianca, pure and white. One figure gently holds the the vine and the other the blossom. I am pleased with the way the two different figures represent their stage in life by their stance, it's subtle.

I painted Lovely Astrid while I was thinking of Cannon Beach. I was thinking about how happy people seem to be there even though it's often rainy and grey. It's calm and pretty like the painting.

Note to Kate: What do you think?

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Stephanie said...

I am so excited to see these in person!
I am very happy that your show is only two days away. :)

Mad William said...

I was just in my studio thinking about Cannon Beach. How strange. Something in the air. That odd little town sort of gets to you doesn't it? It did me.
Good luck with the show, wish I could be there to see them in person.
I love the work.

jkerbe1 said...

Cassie, I still love your art. Wish I could come to your show on the 18th. Hope all is well.


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