Friday, September 25, 2009

Be Where Your Feet Are

GWS is printing Be Where Your Feet Are as a canvas limited edition. I'm excited. I want it hanging in my house. The original will be at our show, Works on Paper at the Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Gallery in Seymour, Connecticut next month.

To be where my feet are is something I remind myself often. My mind tends to drift toward the future, sometimes planning or worrying about what lies ahead, missing the present. Being present is where life is the most rich and colorful. I've even found myself consciously feeling the soles of my feet on the ground to get myself there.
I really like the way the images on the vintage wallpaper enriched the idea. The hunters in the background could be a distraction but the figure stands with her feet on the ground, amongst the most beautiful flowers.
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pamela said...

i've been thinking about you, in cannon beach (looked so fun), at art access, (looked so fun) and i just love this painting. it rings true to me too.

Anonymous said...

What an important reminder...I love it. I think I will write it on our wall chalkboard today!

Carrie said...

I love it ! I have to remind myself of the samebthing some times.

Nigel said...

I like the unusual materials. Works on (wall) paper. That's cool.

Since it's election season, I find myself eyeballing those polyester board candidate signs on people's lawns. Free AND archival. Is it a crime to pilfer them?

Sarahjane Elizabeth Pardon said...

I just saw this piece at Window Box gallery in Provo last night and fell in absolute love with it. In fact, it was the only piece from the art stroll last night I would've bought on the spot if I had the money. It's just beautiful! I have fallen in love with your work!


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