Saturday, August 15, 2009

It was pretty darn funny when we poured the two batches of salsa in the bottles to find that it only filled....five and a half jars? This stuff is like liquid gold. It actually tastes that good and this winter when we open it up...what a treat that will be.
There was even a rainbow that evening. Now, after a couple of canning adventures. I'm back to work in the studio.
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Kathleen Daunhauer said...

Happy you are living the good life and sharing it with us. Simple things like making salsa.......makes up our lives.

Laura A said...

I still luv that ballerina painting on your fireplace!

Anonymous said...

So now all you need to do is make the homemade chips. (You can't do store bought with homeamade salsa...I think that's an AZ rule)

cathyg said...

Cassie, I love reading about your activities! You calm me down and help me want to find the joy you have! Thanks for sharing!


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