Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eliza Magazine

Eliza magazine interviewed me for this summer's issue. I'm so flattered. It was actually pretty challenging to answer those questions. I kept thinking too much. I do that a lot when it comes to the simplest questions about my artwork. I think I spent four days thinking about who my favorite artists are. It reminds me of when this summer when I got to visit the studio of Gordon Smith. Dan received an award and as part of that award we got to spend time with this very famous and charming painter. During our visit, he asked me which living artists have influenced my work most. I searched my mind for someone...anyone and couldn't think of a single name. I just stammered and blushed. Maybe I should start keeping a little cheat sheet with me at all times, just in case.
Thank you Summer at Eliza magazine.


Anonymous said...

That's so great. I know I have seen that magazine, but I don't know where to find it????

Kathleen Daunhauer said...

A great interview. One of my favorite parts was at the end where you share you want to be an old lady artist with wrinkles, wearing clothes like Georiga O'Keefe. I love your passion! Thanks for inspiring me to live my dreams.

amy said...

i gave you an award :)

Mari said...

Wow, it's like a Utah edition, with Meg and Dia on the cover and your interview!


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