Monday, September 15, 2008

Tell me about something you have gratitude for, like an answer to a prayer. Or give me a request for what you would like to be protected from or what you thirst for. Send it to me via email or to this blog and I might paint your wish in a retablo or ex voto like style.
All requests must be sent before October 4.

The requests I've received so far are FANTASTIC. Thank you!

The painting above was inspired by this email:

"My husband is for me, a perfect match. When I am flighty, he stays grounded. When I forget he remembers. When I am weak, he is strong. I love him dearly. I am grateful for him every day of my life. Ever since we tied the knot..."

Your idea could be painted here.
Tell your friends.
Send photos of objects (thanks Mike for that idea)
Put it on your blog...(thanks Deanna) I want lots of good stories!

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Nasty Butler said...

Ooh ooh! I thirst for my muse to always remain. Sometimes it is flighty and responds to the beat of its own drummer, but I long for it to remain so that I can always call upon it when I am in a particularly creative mood. Like now, when I'm trying to work on my book.

a wynn wynn situation said...

Hi!! I found you through the link on Deanna's page.
You are so very talented!

Trishelle said...

Hello! First of all, I absolutely LOVE your blog. I adore Maya Angelou. The quote you have on your front page is so simple yet speaks ages of truth.

You want an idea or two?

1. I'm grateful for sunshine. There are moments when I just wish I could drink it all in. It heals my soul and gives me strength.

2. Also, I am working on a book. It's the continuing story of the Princess and the Pea. Ever wonder what happened to the pea? It's got a tale to tell. If that is along the lines of what you are looking for, let me know!

Deanna said...

Cass, you are magical!

I can't believe what an amazing job you did putting that person's e-mail into a painting. It's so perfect for what they said but with a touch of your magic added to it.

JethRobyn said...

My answered prayer is Lincoln James, my baby boy. He is grown from my heart, I live for him. Every time he smiles at me, my heart melts. I love to see him learn and grow. My favorite thing to do is kiss the crown of his head, and smell his innocence. Nothing brings me more joy than to see my sweet husband Jethro play with him. Lincoln calls Jethro "ball" because he knows that when he sees daddy they will play. I thank my Heavenly Father for him every day. I couldn't be more blessed.

Amanda said...

so i've never commented on your blog before, but i thought i'd give this a try...i would like to be protected from water. living out here in new orleans is like living on a remote island, surrounded by the most treacherous of waters. i never really realized the power of water, until i lived here.

Cassandra Barney said...

Amanda- I've been wondering how you are. Get back to the desert!

Deanna...I'm going to ride my trek over your lawn.

NB- love the muse idea. What about teaching too?

Thanks Wynn and Trishelle!

...and thank you to all of the lovely people who have sent me emails too.

Bridget said...

I am thankful for color. Green is what I have been seeing most, but the other day as I was walking through a park, in the middle of all the shades of green, I saw a man walking a pure white cat.

Nigel said...

I'm grateful that my lungs work. I always felt that way, but I feel that way MORE after one of them collapsed.

On the other hand, I thought recovery meant they'd work as least as good as before. Apparently not. Well, not yet. Does that make me ungrateful?

jill allison said...

what amazing work you do. I found you from Deanna's blog. It is hard to sum up in to one word the many, many things I am grateful for, and maybe even harder to paint it, but if I was to speak from the gut (literally), I would have to go with laughter. I can't imagine life without it.

Nasty Butler said...

Teaching too...coming up with new and exciting projects that the students are just as eager to complete as I am. That's the trick...finding those similar interests that work.

jennie said...

I'm thankful for the little sweeties in my life. My daughter who wears a tutu over her jammies and twirls constantly, and my baby boy who patiently waits for me to look at him so he can smile and show me his dimple. Sometimes I wish I could freeze them so they won't ever grow up.


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