Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In six months I'm going to have lots of free time to pursue creative projects. I'm not the only one who thinks that right? It's an mirage that is floating out in front of me always. It's that six months into the future delusion that gets me into trouble as far as over scheduling. But like I read in Zen Shorts, "maybe..." because the outcome from being pushed is different than coasting along at a steady pace. When pushed emotionally or physically or spiritually or anything, sometimes great things happens. Sometimes we are liberated from invisible annoyances and silly hang-ups.
So here I am starting a project after much waffling. About six months ago I went into a store called Mode in Provo to see an art installation made by Jason Metcalf. The store owner, Ryan Neely asked if I was interested in having a show in that space, dangling the you can do whatever you want carrot in front of me. I said, " sure, in six months I'll have free time to pursue creative projects."
I do want to to support this exact sort of thing, my community, stores owned by local people who seem really nice and creative project opportunities, different from what I do for galleries.

But...instead of taking it on by myself, I asked Zack Taylor if he wanted to collaborate with me after I saw his Mormon Ex-Cons project. Then really I knew that it would all be spectacular if Dan Barney were participating and then of course I was excited to see what Zack's artist wife, Brenda would come up with so...after much discussion, we have begun our project. I think the title at this point is called, Night Music. I'm doing mostly drawings which I love. Dan Barney made three Tyvek dresses that I get to draw on as well.

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