Sunday, June 29, 2008

I begin to feel an enormous need to become savage and to create a new world. Paul Gauguin
I really like working in graphite because I can easily alter images. Usually after a drawing has been sitting in front of me for a couple of days, I know what I want to change. I think this drawing is about finished. I'm not sure about titles. That seems like a whole other project.
I've been thinking that drawing is a lot like dreaming. I talked about my mindswim in my first youtube video as that place where the mind is free to roam without restrictions. I find myself in that same sort of state when I'm lost in drawing.
I do feel a bit strange about putting these drawing up for display and scrutiny. They feel very much more intimate than paintings. Like dreams, the imagery is not easily defined. Maybe I should look up the symbolism of kangaroo headed women and women with marsupial bodies in a book about dreams?!
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