Thursday, June 19, 2008

Emily and I looking for a good painting spot.
Tomorrow begins the Plein Air Painting Festival at Thanksgiving Point. This is the second year that my dad's enthusiasm persuaded Emily and I into participating in this challenging event. Challenging is a good word for it. This ain't no place for sissy painters. It's not like anybody can fake anything out here with people watching and a strict time limit. If we have a bad painting day...too bad. The other painters are VERY serious. They have major gear and a fierce intensity in their eyes. I'm not joking. A lot of these people do this all summer, several of these events and a lot of them are really, really good painters. Locals should come on out and see for yourselves. Plus, if you come out, Emily and I will entertain you with our very secret plan to keep up with the Plein Air professionals. We've come up with some ideas to subtly embellish the surroundings, adding a bit of a distraction that is sure to make our paintings interesting.
There don't seem to be as many flowers this year. I really liked what I saw in Monet's Garden but the problem is, we'd practically have to get in the the water to see the flowers well enough to paint them.
We're still not sure where we will set up tomorrow but when we do, we'll tell the people in charge so that if anyone needs to find us, they'll know out location. Wish us luck, it's going to be a tough two days, painting in the sun. I should be pretty fun too.
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pamo said...

oh darn it darn it darn it all. i really wish i could go!! argh. tell emily hi. and james.


chiggy said...

You should do a painting of you guys examining the environment. You kind of look like a Renoir painting all standing there and looking around. So sorry to have missed the festival. How did you do?


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