Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alright. Here is what I'm currently working on. I've been asked by the Rich Foundation of Youngstown, Ohio to be a guest artist at their fundraiser this fall. The Rich Foundation is nationally recognized for the study and treatment of Autism.
I feel very honored to be involved. It's opportunity to give back.
I've been asked to create an artwork that with be printed and given to those who contribute to the foundation. I've also been asked to celeb the event and to make a youtube video that will be shown to 500-700 people that night.
My concerns beginning this project were that I know nothing about Autism and I make dorky videos. I still make dorky videos but I am learning about Autism. I happen to know a lovely girl in my neighborhood with two Autistic children. She has been gracious enough to share her incites and also to model for the artwork.

The adjustment of having the kittens home for the summer and in the studio has definitely slowed me down. Below is a photo illustrating the look on my face with every current interruption. It's how my kittens will most likely remember me. The rain and having Dan out of town has made it a bit harder as well the same time, I have loved having them here and playing Wii Fit and bigwheels and making stations on Pandora Radio and artworks and all of what we do together. Them in the studio facilities more talking. We even watched a season of This American Life together which brought up lots of interesting topics.
I'm glad to have them in here but I do find that I'm craving a little thinking room about now.

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pamo said...

i'm so so happy to read about your successes and shows and everything. i'm happy when good work sees the light of day!

and when you talk about your kittens i have to admit i still think of them as 4 and 2. with a sketchbook in hand, talking about salvador dali.


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