Friday, May 9, 2008

Re: Patience

I learn it every day of my life, learn it with pain I am grateful for: patience is everything! Rainer Maria Rilke

I've been thinking about my last post,"Waiting is the hardest part." Indeed, I'll admit that I'm not by nature a very patient person. There are a lot of things I want to do in my life, this year and today. I think that's where the feeling of impatience comes from. The above photo is an example. I have been spending a lot of time running around, trying to get chores wrapped up, tasks I'd put off until after I finished my show. I should just do it and not think about it but...the thing is, I really really want to get back to work. I've made a list of some ideas that I want to explore and I almost can't stand it. I get really impatient with the world taking up my precious time.

As for patience in gardening, I'm changing my attitude. If the seeds I'd panted came up the next day, the miracle of it all wouldn't mean as much. I get to linger in the nurture and wonder of it all. The waiting is a melancholy feeling that it's nice to feel. I don't believe that life should be put on hold to wait for anything. Plan for the future, of course, but be present right now.
I guess I need to change my attitude about chores too. The time in the car is good thinking time and the wanting makes the painting time sweeter.
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Kat said...

I just don't think anyone in our famly was born with patience, but I too am trying to enjoy the moment and let all the little miracles around me happen rather than forcing them!


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