Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My World

It feels like my world spins faster. My world, with tiny and big hands that spin it faster and faster. It's not a stressed/ can't catch up sensation. It's just a constant, rapid motion, and it makes me a little dizzy. It's a happy world, swelled up with all kinds of good things today and good things to work toward.
This weekend I wore through my Trek Mod tire. Ya! I also blew out a bike tire on the same day. The day before that I got to move dirt in my brother's backyard on a lil' tractor. THAT was a blast. I want one of those for my birthday. While I was working in the garden with muddy hands, my teen kitten slapped a tattoo followed a wet wash cloth on my back so that if the neighborhood had to seen my backside, at least it would look nice.
We had some fun in the studio too with the V family and friends. It was quite a crafternoon. I liked the 'evil eye' pins the most.

Today I had a few hours of quiet, focused painting time. Big paintings don't show progress as quickly as small ones. It's kind of nice that way. I think that's where I can slow down a bit.
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Deanna said...

Oh you so do live on the wild side. Be honest, that tattoo is real, isn't it?

Laura A said...

That's crazy that you're writing about spinning in circles.

My favorite toy in the world is a spinning top, but I can never find a good one. When I ask the wood workers at art fairs, they say they won't make them because they don't want to be sued if a child chokes on it. I'm going to try to get a drop spindle maker to make me some anyway.

After talking about my love and lack of spinning tops to a co-nursery leader a couple of Sundays ago, she brought me two this last weekend at church. (Because one is never enough. You HAVE to compete with people, to see who the superior top spinner is, you see. I'm glad she got that).

So, she bought me two tops, and we've been all spinning tops, all the time ever since.

I honestly thought of you, imagining that you'd get just as much of a kick out of it as I, and then I read your post.


Cassandra Barney said...

no tattoos...only scars.

spinning tops...it's good to have something like that in your bag in case you get bored.

chiggy said...

I can't tell you how much of the time I feel like my wheels are spinning. I want so much to slow down and be present in the moment.

chiggy said...

These are the cutest pictures ever. I have to get my hands on some of these pins.


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