Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Theft

I hope I'm so famous one day that people will risk jail time in order to own my artwork. This is the third time this year! Oh James, how would it feel to be you? The story here.
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Jennifer said...

Thanks Cassandra! Gosh dern that is just so horrible! I would cry!!! I think that's so funny that you'd like to be so famous that they'd want to steal your stuff. I don't know that I desire that.... but then again... that's kind of a compliment I guess. ;)

9a said...

Terral was wondering if kinkade and Olsen were totally jealous.

MissMel said...

Here's a story. About 13 years ago, I was walking through the downtown ZCMI mall and I saw this huge picture of fairies at a wedding. I wanted it, but knew it was completely out of our price range. I didn't know the artist, but came to love his work...guess who? I didn't tell anyone. On Christmas morning, I opened a large package and there it was!!!!!!! I sat there just crying. My sweet husband said, "I just thought you'd like it. It just had "you" written all over it."
Sorry to James...how lucky for the thieves.

chiggy said...

I know a lot of people who would risk doing time to own some of your artwork, myself included. Luckily I do have one of your portraits and I love it!!!! I hope the gallery recovers the pieces and that the thieves get busted but not too busted 'cause I can understand wanting art badly.

Nigel said...

My wife Lois said to tell you she'd much rather steal one of your paintings than one of James'.

p.s. The news story made it all sound so dramatic: inside jobs, special keys, secret tunnel systems, etc. I'm willing to bet the clerk went to take a pee, the culprit loaded up the art in shopping bags. Then they walked out the front door looking like any other customer who'd just purchased some art. Don't they have cameras in the store?

JethRobyn said...

I saw that on the news yesterday. I've contemplated theft myself for some of the stuff at your house ;)

Cassandra Barney said...

Let me clarify that James isn't out anything by this theft.
I'll be curious to see if the the prints (which are numbered) show up on the market.

9a- that's funny
Missmel- I love that crying over artwork.
Chiggy with the always perfect lipstick- you are the nicest person I know and I'm glad you like your painting.
Nigel-tell Lois that I'm flattered
Robyn- you are so nice and I'm glad Jethro married you and not someone who doesn't like artwork...ew!


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