Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm thinking how sweet it is that Dan Barney is playing wii with the kittens and how extra sweet it is that for the past week he has taken over all house and parenting responsibilities so that I could finish my paintings for my Cannon Beach show. I feel so lucky to have a partner who cares about me, a partner.

...sigh Thank you Dan Barney.

I'm thinking about how funny it is that last week I decided I was introverted and might be developing agoraphobia. I haven't wanted to leave the house much. I feel safe here. I used to feel sad and crazy when I had painted to long, alone in the studio. Now I feel calm. I feel calm in the present, the past and the future. I would rather be in the studio than anywhere else. That's the place I've landed, who I've become.

Then I take-off and land in another place.

The other night Dan Barney and I went to see the art show of a boy who grew up on my street. His name is Andy Bean and I was proud of him like an older sister. A bunch of kids that grew up on my street have careers in art. Coincidence...probably not.

I'm glad that I live around people that I've known for a long time. Again I think that life is good in the compound.

Andy Bean


Eddie the Girl said...

I am Andy's wife, Eddie. I just wanted to say thanks again for going to his show. It was so very thoughtful.

Katie said...

It is so nice to know that your partner has your back, isn't it? I am a musician, and every now and then it just gets TOO crazy, but my husband is always there: doing dishes, marshalling "the troops", cooking--whatever needs to be done. I could not do what I do without him. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful!

Beingandy said...

Hey Cassie, My wife is very supportive of me too. It is so nice to have so many people around me taking art as a serious career. Thanks for coming to my show and posting a piece of it on your blog. If you would link my blog that would be great. my site is


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