Monday, March 31, 2008


I Am The Moon

It's my moon again and I'm in lock down mode in the studio. I have so many paintings to finish and so many to start that I get over excited. If I were a sitcom I'd probably go into my studio in the morning and spin around excitedly and then have to breath into a bag before I started working.
I'm still trying to keep up with drawing every week....just because, just for me. It feels good to be free on that paper. I enjoy the challenges of working out not just the ideas but trying to work out the anatomy and compositions. It's relaxing...especially after hyperventilating in the studio so often.
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Bridget said...

I love your work. I wish that I could draw or even paint! Maybe someday I'll make the time, for now I'll just enjoy your work!

batty said...

Ok, so where did March go? Haven't seen your blog for a little while. I LOVE what you're working on. You are so talented and ambitious. Wish some of your exuberance could rub off on me. Keep up the beautiful work - see you soon with April's music!

JethRobyn said...

I love those hands!


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