Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dan Barney decorates the best eggs. I love them. They are so delicate.
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Janet said...

Right again you are! Dan Barney does decorate the best eggs! I wonder...Is there anywhere you two go that breezes of beauty fail to follow? (and I cant imagine leaving out the gales of laughter, just another given). I think you should hold an "Extraordinary Easter Egg Extravaganza" I want to buy such an egg...they don't sell them ANYWHERE else!

The Petersons said...

You artists and your egg painting... we use the die packs from Albertson's! ha ha

Nigel said...

Are those Joseph and Emma eggs?

chiggy said...

These eggs are so exquisite. How do you store them so they don't break??? You have inspired me to take more care decorating mine this year.

Anonymous said...

colourful and creative!

pamo said...

i once had a hand painted ornament from you and it broke and i had a necklace from dan barney and it got stolen...my "things" from you are dwindling!! (luckily, i still have a painting...)

Cassandra Barney said...

Nigel- that is indeed a JS and Emma egg. You hsould get a prize for that.
BTW, we still need to all get together. I've got some paintings now.

Cassandra Barney said...

Chan- dye packs are fun too.
Edie- I store them in egg cartons and every year at least a couple get broken.
Pam- I don't think many of my ornaments survived. I wish Dan still made necklaces. If he hever does again, I'll grab you one.

Suzy said...

Love these eggs!!! They are so inspiring!


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