Monday, March 17, 2008


of fun and Love and Laughter...for we are only temporary custodians of beauty
I think cemeteries are very romantic. Grave markers give little pieces of stories, stories but more from feeling than from words. Cemeteries are places of tragedy and beauty, of life and of death. It's about what is temporary and permanent.
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The Petersons said...

I think it's sweet when you see the husband and wife lying next to eachother, together for eternity.

Teresa said...

There is a lot of mystery at cemeteries for sure. My hubby is a mortician so he can tell all kinds of cemetery stories. :) You might enjoy looking at my favorite photographer Amanda Keeys, she takes some very cool photos at cemeteries. Here is her link ~


Cassandra Barney said...

Ooh...neat photos. Thanks Teresa.

Chan- my great great ...grandmother is burried with her baby in her arms. THAT's pretty sweet. My littlest one asked me if we could be burried like that.

chiggy said...

I look at cemeteries in a different way ever since my little brother passed away. I think they are definitely a reminder of our temporary state. We are all just passing through. The other day we drove by a cemetery in Salt Lake and I said to my kids, "Look at all of the pretty flowers!" My four year old, Ollie said, "And all the scary ghosts!" It was pretty cute.


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