Sunday, January 20, 2008

So Tom is in town and for work he got invited to an exclusive Myspace show to see Fifty Cent. It was an entertaining event, different from any show I’ve ever been to. For starters, I could see Paris Hilton shaking her stuff from my more comfortable balcony seat. I spent most of the show standing next to Apollo Ohno and his friends. He drinks Smart Water which I thought was interesting because the rest of us were drinking Vitamin Water…it was a Fifty Cent event! Apollo seemed pretty nice. He was about my size and soft spoken. He's in the white jacket below.
Although Fifty Cent was an angry little cuss and strangers kept touching me near the end, it was super fun. I really like doing things that pull me out of my reality. Photo below was something about tagging and wrappers (rappers?!)...I was really was gett'n into it. Thanks Tom!
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Nigel said...

For a second I thought your cousin was THE Tom from Myspace. Still, I have to admire any high-falutin' businessman who might lose his keys or run over his laptop.

So explain, "...people kept touching me near the end." I'm imagining lots of hugs,handshakes, and kisses on the cheek, sometimes people doing all three simultaneously. Or were they just pinching your butt.

Cassandra Barney said...

let me just say...apparently even my most gangsta self isn't intimidating...maybe if I was taller. That must be it.

jennie said...

I'd much rather be sitting by Apollo than Paris. You did have a good seat!

Janet said...

Your Royal Highness (Tall enough,your title implies!) Queen Cassandra, How far would I have to travel and how much would I need to pay to be driven into wild fits of laughter, and hope someone in this big empty house hears me, and comes running to see "The World through th Eyes of The Queen!" Might I borrow your glasses? or possibly I have, just revisiting your blog, seems to give me quite a "The world is uniquely fascinating and I must venture beyond my mailbox today, and drink of it fix") Thanks for sharing your life moments, which I find quite remarkable...and they do make me believe that YES, there is Life beyond divorce.

Oh,Oh,Oh, I did find your "In Her Garden" Giclee canvas. My daughters quickly said yes...that was all I heard, as if I needed additional confirmation... It is still holds that love at first sight quality.

Just a side note, If it would make your cousin Tom feel any better about keys and gales of laughing from somewhere) You could tell him about my very intelligent Dentist Father, who would often do such things as dying his eyebrows before work, cover them with a bit of toilet paper (so of course they wouldn't drip), then off he'd go (carrying STOLEN keys,on a key chain with a major pink fluff ball meant to deter such thievery, mom tried!) to work on his unsuspecting patients. They were kind enough to point out the toilet paper, without mentioning the Groucho Marx eyebrows he'd created! Had to check in...Janet


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