Monday, January 14, 2008

Party in the studio

One of my very most favorite things in the whole world is going to Provo Art and Frame with my Dad, and usually a sibling or three, to buy new art supplies. New colors...yummy. It's not just the colors by themselves, it's the potential of mixing them with other colors and seeing what I can come up with. Graham paints are my favorite usually. The colors are rich and free from filler. Oh and new pointy clean brushes!. Yee-haw!!
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Jennifer T. said...

mmmm..... I love Graham paints too, that's pretty much all i've got in my studio. Sounds like fun. You're lucky to have a family full of artist, sounds like a blast.If I ever go to something involving art it's usually me, myself and I.

batty said...

ok, seriously, you're blog makes me so happy. Love the titles of your entries. You are one awesome little pixie and we love ya!

Nigel said...

Yea Graham colors! That's what I get when I'm buying a tube or two, or if I'm trying a color I haven't used before. But when I need a bunch, I get the big tubes of Utrecht. Dang, that would be cool to go with the whole family (if my family were artists) and buy supplies.

Cassandra Barney said...

I LOVE going to Utrecht. I have to look and touch everything in the whole store.
What was even better is that my dad used to pay for it all. He doesn't anymore. Too bad but it's still nice that he comes with me.
Maybe someday you guys will be going there with your grown-up kids too.


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