Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Moon

I pulled my snow pants and sorrels on over my pajamas and headed outside to shovel all of that snow. The moon was mine. The full moon pulls me and fills me to overflowing, but my moon is the moon that is shaped like a ‘C’. Under my moon I find a little more contentment. I see the beautiful. I shoveled ours and then my brother's. I thought of all of the nice things he’s done for me over the years.

My life has changed, shifted this past while. I think it was when I saw my daughter in the body of a woman I didn’t recognize that the urgency hit me. These years here in this place, my role as mom to little girls is short. I don’t want to miss that. I want to feel it and make it a part of me to keep forever. I watched my littlest kitten rest her small hand in her dad’s at church on Sunday and my heart poured out of my eyes. I remember thinking the same thing watching little bodies in my lap while I nursed them. I only get to be here once.

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Discerning Broker said...

poignant imagery of such fleeting things...

btw, are those Sorrells, as in Lisa Sorrell?

lastly, and importantly, especially with your most current feminine project, where are your hidden creations of men...just wondering???

jennie said...

YEAH!!! Thank you for the shoveling, you ball of fire! You are so sweet.

I watched Sunshine during the photo shoot last night and saw how beautiful, happy, and sweet she looked. You've got a lot to be proud of. xoxo

Laura A said...

During church, I like to look down the bench and see my three girls. Abby's feet are just to the point where they rest comfortably on the ground. Liv's toes are touching, and Veronica's legs swing freely.

It's sad in a way, to see that Abby's not little anymore. And really cute to see, all at once, those three stages of growth in my children in such an immediate, visible, yet metaphorical way.

Makes me think.


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