Sunday, January 6, 2008

I've read the comments about this painting and I thank you all. The individual, unique ways in which people connect to art work is amazing. It makes me feel unworthy of this job sometimes. There are so many people I know who know more that I do, who are more accomplished and better tempered and it seems like they should be painting and sharing,not me. But...I'll keep painting anyway.

I've spent this evening titling paintings for my show this Friday in Park City. The only painting I haven't been able to give a title to is the one above. It's hard to title because the title gives the viewer additional information. How much information should the artist give the viewer? Can a title put a fence around a painting? Do you really want to know what I was painting about? Should I be honest or just let the paintings be? Do you know how loaded these paintings are?
Most of the time I think less information is better. I did write about the symbols I used in each of these paintings for a new artist's statement that I need for this show. I'll post that soon. I think I'm thinking too hard and I should just go watch t.v. I started reading Yeats, Plath and Dickinson and my head is spinning a little. Whew.



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Jenae Green said...

Yes, please keep painting and posting. I paint also, but for several reasons I'm not in that daily painting mode. Somedays reading your blog is the only art connection I have. Your fun use of color and the freedom with which you express yourself is refreshing. My paintings sometimes are very left brained and they make me crazy!
I have to say I got quite a chuckle from the thought of you putting the paintings in the oven. Also, my five year old was in heaven as she spun around the family room in the tree skirt!
As for feeling like other people know more than you do, when someone paints intuitively like you do, they tap into that level where 'you already know'. All you have to do is set your intention, like you did,(you started out knowing what you wanted) and you will just 'know' what colors and symbols to use. Thanks again for sharing your process, it makes the lives of others richer. Isn't that what art is about?
Have a great show on Friday!

pamo said...

love these. you're work is beautiful. i could hang it in every room of my house and never tire of it...

cassandra said...

Jenae- Thank you. I think you're right. SOmetimes I don't have enough faith in that idea of 'already knowing'. Hope you too get some painting itme...I'm on my way to run kids to a a slew of appointments and I wish that could all be done out of time so that my time culd be in the studio. Ha. Have a good day, Cass

and ya!

Laura A said...

I'm curious as to what links these all together as you've mentioned. I see heart shaped faces :-).

I love to see your paintings here as they're created. It's exciting.

Zoe said...

Kicking and screaming right now b/c I TOTALLY missed the boat on your art show!!!! I cannot believe it!! I hope that it went well.


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