Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am so excited to be collaborating with Kate. Her poetry is astounds me...again. Here are two of my latest favorites. I could paint a whole show using just these two poems. Thanks Kate.

Kate Horowitz

Three Seeds (Perspehone)

"Before you go," he said, "Eat these."
His palm was rough, black with soot,
and three rubies glittered there, perfect drops
of blood.

He would not meet my round eyes.
I assumed grief and accepted his gift; the hot winds
of deceit had never known my petaled face.

The earth opened above us,
and a golden arm came through
to draw me up.

I closed my mouth, bit down
and felt all my convictions
running down my throat.
I swallowed.

Melodramatic Moon
(Library Parking Lot, January Fifteenth)

"You're how full?" I asked.
"Half," she said, "Half, I am half-
full." She turned away.
Snowflakes blew toward her face and,
reaching her cheek,
disappeared against the expanse of white.

1 comment:

amanda said...

wow. i am blown away by that poetry..can't wait to see what it inspires you to paint.


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