Monday, January 7, 2008

A Day Star Arose in Her Heart

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The Petersons said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! for our sooooooooooo special Christmas present!!! I am thrilled and soooo very grateful! You're the best! LOVE YOU!!!!

batty said...

Cass, the paintings for your friday show are some of my favorite ever! Absolutely beautiful! Steve's favorite is Day Star. I LOVE them all. The colors you're using are so happy and bright. It's been so fun to see so much of you guys lately. We're bringing a group to your show and are excited to see all your paintings done (and dry, I hope). You rock!

Jennifer T. said...

Hi Cassandra,
I hope this isn't a personal "secret"
art question for you, but I was just wondering if the crackle medium you use is Maimeri Picture Cracking Varnish. And do you have to use a Patina Varnish before you start the painting?
Jenn T.

cassandra said...

Jennifer...not a secret. I'm using it less and less because it's frustrating. Sometimes it doesn't work or messes paintings up. Almost all of this show is crackle-free. The brand I use is LeFranc & Bourgeois. It's in two part...varnish and then crackle. Good luck!!!
T and S...thanks I love you guys!

jennie said...

I'm excited about these fuller figured ladies. They feel like they came from the 1940's.


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