Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dan needed some stretcher bars for a cool project he is working on. I found this painting and told him to just take it off and discard it. It was part of a series of paintings I did for my BFA show back in 1994. I have to say that I like this painting. I had a rawness then that I can't get to now. I wasn't hindered by refinement. My approach and technique was very different. The symbols are interesting too. It was made when I was first pregnant and that was all I could think and paint about. Unfortunately it started to crack off the canvas when it was free from the stretcher bars and is in the garbage now. I probably should have burned it...seems like a bad luck sort of thing to do, throwing away an image. I'm going to put my boots on right now and drag it back out of the garage! Eeeek!
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