Monday, December 3, 2007


Big Shoes
Her shoes are now too big;
she bought them not too long ago.
They fit. She wore them.
These days, though, her feet slip
with every step.
Kate Horowitz

I love this poem that Kate wrote. We recently had a discussion about how both of us have smaller feet than we used to. The shoes in the photo above used to be my favorite but now they are just too big. It's a nice metaphor.
My feet growing smaller is a little know fact about me which brings me to something crazy. My sister Emily tagged me, that silly girl. Apparently this is some sort of blog thing invented by someone bored?? and I usually ignore this sort of thing but how can I ignore such a taunting challenge from my little sister. There are rules and one of the rules is that you list six little known facts about yourself then tag six other people. Emily decided to tag me six times so that I have to list thirty-six little known facts? Emily's facts were entertaining and very daring. Alright...

1. and 2. My feet have grown a whole size smaller in the past few years and I've grown an inch taller making me a total of sixty one inches...yes that's 5.1".

3. My sister has her placenta in her freezer (check her blog) I'm totally serious. She might accidentally feed it to guests someday...beware.

4. I don't have a placenta in my freezer but I have saved all of my kids baby teeth for heaven knows what.

5. I'm shy.

6. I still think Too Fast Too Furious, Tokyo Drift is a good movie.

7. I keep my toenails painted red always. Even when we were moving into our house, laboring around the clock, I made sure my toenails were painted pretty. It's a little thing that makes me feel in control of my life.

8. I'm totally scared of sloths. That's an honest thing. Scared!

9. I rarely see movies and when I do, I usually get too emotional. I cried so hard when I saw The Haunted Mansion. Yes, I do mean the one with Eddie Murphy. I cry thinking about Meet the Robinsons. I cried the other night when we saw Peter Pan the other night. When he thinks Wendy doesn't love him and then she kisses him and says... Then when he's watching her through the window, I couldn't stand it.

10. When I was little I had am imaginary friend named...Cassie. She was really cute.

11. When I read a book and the words are pretty, like Jeanette Winterson's, I can sometimes only read one page at night because I get overwhelmed with pretty words.

12.Sometimes I don't want the book to end so I don't finish it and it goes into the rather large stack of almost finished books in my studio.

13. It really bugs me when people leave their holiday decorations up past the holiday.

14. My mom gave me a perm in the second grade and it got in my eyes. I remember the smell and my mom washing out my eyes over the kitchen sink. It's not a bad memory...just memory. I had a lot of perms.

15. I got got grounded for life from our xbox because I got mad and threw a controller.

16. I don't swim very well so if I fall into a lake...someone save me please.

Okay that is plenty of useless information. I think the next twenty that I'm supposed to do should be shot back my sister Emily's direction. As far as the total of 36 facts that I am accountable. I think My sister Sari and my sisterinlaw Jennie should divide them up.

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emily said...

Those are good. You so can't re-tag someone. Didn't you hear me say, "zap-zap no tag backs" the first time? I know you could do more, but maybe we should call a truce.

Laura A said...

Hee hee. Who grounded you?

You're shy? Really?

Me too, but I fight it by trying to act like a person who isn't shy, in the hopes that one of these days, I won't be shy anymore. It hasn't worked yet, but I like to think I'm making progress.

How does a shy person play art princess?

I am said...

Did you know, home perms have been illegal in Australia since 1990. As for me, I'm pro-choice.

Jennifer T. said...

I think that your facts were incredibly entertaining. Left me laughing too!

batty said...

Hilarious! You are a funny girl, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who cries at EVERYTHING. And oh, by the way, I'm already planning a Valentines Day party so everyone can see my Christmas Decorations - and you're definitely invited!

Lisa said...

I love your answers here. Very insightful. I feel like I understand you just a wee bit better. Now did the grounding happen by your husband and children?


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