Monday, November 5, 2007

To be Canonized

In my sketchbook today I started some drawings about something I've been thinking about. I talked to my sister about my idea and she looked at me like I might be a little bit crazy. I told her that sometimes, when I get overwhelmed with my inner battles of trying to learn to be more saintly and less devilish, I have a visualisation that snaps me right into line. My visualisation is of me as a saint. Not like a latter-day saint (not that that is bad, it just lacks dramatic impact) and not of someone who is dead so they automatically become a saint. For me, it's more like a plastic sculpture of a saint that glows in the dark and cries little tiny tears of blood... with my face on it. Go ahead and insert your face. Try it! Picture what you be wearing and what you would be holding. I mean all of this in a reverent way. Maybe you could see yourself as a dead saint sculpted in marble in a cathedral someplace or in a really big, beautiful painting. Doesn't that make you want to be gracious and good?I have the utmost respect for people who have devoted their lives to their passionate beliefs in word and in action. Take Mother Teresa for instance. Her whole life was given to serving and loving others. I'm in awe of her.There are people who have fought and suffered for what they believe in and made a big impact. But really, I'm just trying to be a little more saintly and a little less devilish.In my mind I look good as a saint, inspiring those who have the opportunity to bask in my love and service, but I don't actually think I can get away with painting it. It just might be misunderstood. I'll just have to keep visualizing it to remind me to use my powers for good.
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pamo said...

i have long had an obsession with paintings of saints. those the halos. big gold glowing glittering halos - you should paint some! or have you already and i just don't know?

cassandra said...

I've done some and I remember seeing some of yours. The moon goddess painting I'm working on right now is saintly for sure. Even though the age we live in seems to give us permission to borrow/appropriate images from everywhere, I still feel a little like these images of religious saints don't belong to me so I can't use them. Dumb? Okay? I just want others to be respectful of my spiritual ideas...and other ideas so I don't want to do anything that would be concidered disrespectful to anyone. Then again, only I decide what I believe. Ya? Anyone?


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