Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Goin' Vot'n

I really enjoy this sort of thing. I wasn't sure what to wear to vote. Animal print seemed appropriate because it symbolizes a bit of aggression. I almost wore my tiger shirt but the big jeweled tiger eyes seemed a little overpowering. I wonder what Dan's shoes mean? Look how obedient he looks. Cute!
When I see a sign like this with four volunteer ladies watching me, asserting their powers from behind a school table, I have to harness a great surge of 'contrary neurosis' with all my might. Instead of jumping back and forth like a fourth grader, I stood obediently and drew attention to the fact that I was being obedient by asking politely "may I proceed?" at each station and walking with a stompity-click-click in my sassy heals on the gym floor. The thing is, I think those volunteer ladies really enjoyed my production because it seemed that the rest of the voters were quite reverent about the whole thing.

I personally after much thought and reading voted against Referendum One. I'm guessing it will pass but I feel that we're giving up something big and it's unfortunate.
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batty said...

I would have loved to have witnessed your display of voting prowess. Jump over the line, I say.
We went in our early morning walking clothes and just hoped no one we knew saw us, but alas, we were wrong. Steve had his crazy morning hair and I without makeup wearing a hood. Hmmm - maybe no one recognized us. Feel better Cass!

cassandra said...

Thank you my sweet friend. I wish I would have been awake and then you could have seen crazy look'n. Being laid up is not much fun but it'll be better with new cds.
Love ya! Cass

jennie said...

Way to exercise your right!

Nigel said...

Cass, you're the only person I know who would contemplate the best outfit for voting. Anyway, I ran into Dan on Myspace a while back. I saw your dad at Magelby's this week. I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks. Things seem to be going well for you. That's great. I've been naughty, not commenting and all. By the way, I've got art up at: www.myspace.com/sleepwalkerfineart.


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