Sunday, November 25, 2007

Am I the only person who didn't list items of gratitude on my blog? I do have a lot of gratitude going on on the inside but it's bigger than a list. It's so extensive that it's a project so I'm opting to write it a little at a time all year long. I really liked Raquel's list because she was thankful for Pushing Daisies (the only t.v. show I've watched in years) and for folks who extend themselves to make things better. That's something big to me, charity for the betterment of others. I feel that a lot being back in Utah, people caring about other people just out of love. Our friend Nadine from Vancouver spent the weekend with us. After trying to explain to her for two years how different Orem was from Vancouver, we got to show her. She was amazed at how "nice" our life is here in Happy Valley. It was wonderful in Vancouver too, of course, and there were definitely more dining-out options. Here our life is centered around home and there is a lot of love going on amongst family and friends and community. She was taken back by acts of kindness, feelings of responsibility for the well-being of others and a general level of happiness. She said I'm more grounded here.... I guess I am.

I was very aware this Thanksgiving day because the past two years we were in Canada. One year we ate take out chinese and didn't even remind our kids that the rest of our family was sitt'n fat-dog on the couch that night full of turkey and love. It was nice to see it from a new perspective and continue family traditions. I loved dancing with my aunt, eating so many pies that it was crazy and just being there watching and feeling it.

Unfortunately,Christmas had never been my favorite holiday. It's too stressful, too much. I'm taking a vow right now...this year I WILL keep this warm feeling of love in my little pink pump'n heart and give all that I have. I will also let go of all the rest of everything that I can't do this year like feed the world (that song is playing in the background right now) and make everybody that I know feel loved and important and have the smell of gingerbread wafting from my kitchen day and night. Ohhhh! I'm going to make gingerbread right now!

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Laura A said...

Gingerbread cookies are always a big part of our Christmas, too. I own three large boxes full of cookie cutters. And that's not an exaggeration.

I love Christmas.

When I have it together, I like to make gingerbread turkeys for Thanksgiving. I haven't done it in three years, but when I manage it, everyone seems to enjoy that little taste of Christmas so early.

I hope you are able to enjoy it this year.

Gritty Pretty said...

hey cass!
thanks for the mention. you have such a lovely life and your posts always have a good effect. and gingerbread? yum. i really want to spike some baked goods ("pushing daisies" style) and give them to two batty synchronized swimming sisters. i love that notion so much that my heart hurts. ahhhh...

cassandra said...

...and I want to get a bird and some bees on he roof and dress like chuck. So good! That last swimming on made me cry.

batty said...

Love that you make gingerbread for real - here I am burning a gingerbread candle all weekend while we decorated - nice, but not quite as yummy as the real thing. Hmmm, if I could just get my act together. I love Christmas and this year I have vowed to stay on top of things. The upstairs is done, now we just need to set up the bat tree in the bat cave and we're all set! Come on over!

pamo said...

you are the best. and i didn't do a list of gratitude on my blog either. too overwhelming.


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