Friday, November 16, 2007

After working for a couple of weeks, I am once again surrounded by paintings in progress. There is purpose and challenge which are both very motivating. I'm still struggling to catch up to my lofty ambitions. I don't feel satisfied when I look at what I'm working on, I feel restless at all that needs to be solved. Plus, I really want to sort out and get going on all of the other ideas that I've recently been exploring in my sketchbook.

Today was super fun X2 because I got to spend time with Kate, the very Kate who's writing I admire and conversations I enjoy. Kate is in town writing a book with Greenwich Workshop about my dad so I only got to steal her away for a bit. I'm hoping that she'll model for me . She's got big eyes that open right up like little doors to a big soul. Lucky me that I keep meeting people whose work and passion fertilize my own.

Tonight was perfect. After a week of running too fast, it felt so good to be at home. There is no place I'd rather be. I love all of almost all of what my career demands. It's what I've chosen and what's chosen me. Still...there is something more important than any of that and it's my sweet little family, just us right here. It's warm like when I was a little girl sitting on the heater vent, with a blanket wrapped around my flannel nightgown, smelling my mom's granola baking. Oh that's just a super good memory! Maybe I need a flannel nightgown...or maybe not.

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