Monday, October 29, 2007

We're the kids of the future...

There are those moments pulled out of time when a mom sees her child not as an extension of herself but as an individual. I had one of those moments this weekend. My middle kitten is so different from my other two, and very strong about who she is and how she represents herself. It'd be easier if she was a bit more flexible. Flexible is a nice quality that I see in other people's children. Sigh.... mine are strong and willful and in the end I want them to posses that very thing of course.
In a sea of Hannah Montana fans, one girl stood out, and she was mine and I was so proud. No bling or glitter or puffy hairdos. No pretending to be a pocket version of her mom...just her, real and beautiful. I suppose I stood out a bit in that crowd as well. The crowd of moms and daughters left me amazed with wonder. I'm not going to say more for fear of being offensive
Best concert quotes: from teen daughter and friend:

"Did you hear Nick sing that song to me....sigh"
"Remember a minute ago when Nick and I were in the same room...sigh."
My personal favorite...
"I can practically smell Nick on this concert shirt"

The Jo Bros way out did Miley far as our crowd was concerned. It ws a super fun night and I lived only because of a little gift from a security guard we happened to know...(see below). I'd probably be in the hospital right now do to damage from little girl high pitched screams that reached decibels that could be heard in outer space. Amazing.
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