Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trio ready for Transit

It's always amazing to me that when the paintings are placed into their frames it's like they are magically transformed from paintings to 'works of art'.
I am pleased.
I read this quote today by Sidney Julius: The struggle and the sense of satisfaction at a job well done are essential in keeping the creative fires burning. I like that...struggle and satisfaction. Both are ingredients which are vital to keeping my fire burning.
I had a little bout of turrets while packing my paintings...which isn't unusual. Packing paintings is really challenging for me. I didn't throw the brad gun or anything this time. Dan did want me to call the neighbors and apologise for my language that probably could be heard a block away.

I have one that still isn't dry. Blowing on it doesn't really seem to be helping.
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emily said...

So, after I finished packing my paintings, delia asked me, "Why did you make that sound?" I had to ask which one, then explained that sometimes packing makes loud, unintelligible sounds come out of my mouth - which is better than the intelligable sounds I would be making if she wasn't in the room with me. I hear ya sister.

Laura A said...



How desperately I wish I could go and see them all in person!

Have a wonderful time and take pictures!

Jennifer T. said...

They all look so great together!
Frames really can make pictures feel put together :)


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