Monday, October 8, 2007

Me moría de miedo.

I heard a lecture by an artist this week who mentioned that he has the 'contrary neurosis' which, by his definition, means the tendency to react to boundaries. Anytime there is a wall...he pushes against it. Admittedly I think I might suffer from this ailment and I dare say I know a handful of people who fall victim to it as well. This insufferable illness has it's perks. Without pushing boundaries, there wouldn't be any growth, there wouldn't be progress or change. It's definitely a harder way to live life, a lot of work. I's usually easier to see a wall and go around it rather than trying to break it down or find a way to go over or through it.

I was thinking...maybe that's what the extremity of this whole domestic goddess binge is for me. I am trying to hold onto a feeling, which is also a good and warm, but maybe a little part of me is rebelling too. I want to have a warm lovely home, who doesn't? But my behaviour might be a tad extreme. Oh my,I'm rebelling against myself? ...tricky to do THAT! Here I am gliding along with a successful career and I see that I've created my own boundaries and pow! I add aprons and little notes in the lunches to the mix? Or maybe my homemaking desires where just latent and when properly nourished bloomed like a wild weed that takes over the whole garden. I don't know. I'm going to have to think about this topic while I paint today.
Here's another example of 'contrary neurosis'. People around me voice the preference of cute Halloween decor rather than scary and immediately, without so much as a second thought I try to make my decorations scarier than ever before, but still aesthetically pleasing of course. I went with a black velvet roses, a little voodoo and skulls theme this year.
I love Halloween. Is it too early to dress up?
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jennie said...

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with a little creepy in your Halloween decor. I have GOT to come see what you've done.
Secondly... you make a dang cute domestic goddess and you really do seem to be flourishing in it. I think you are great.


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