Friday, October 26, 2007

Lucky me to find this treat on Kate's livejournal.

October 22

Crown me with blood-red flowers.
This grace you seek for me
may give you pause: it is more difficult,
less pure
than you might have expected.
Watch me reach--I have my eye
on the prize.
The tumbling petals buzz with emerging legs
and wings
and jaws,
and I will fill my hands.

Kate Horowitz

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Gritty Pretty said...

oh...i was getting two kates mixed up. i was so amazed that one of my favorite dead artists, Kate Kollwitz, had a live journal.

cassandra said...

That Kate died you silly girl. I really love her artwork your heart out good stuff.
Are you makeing dolls?

Gritty Pretty said...

not making dolls lately but i can feel a session coming on...
i've read some of kate's journal entries that were published...yep, rip your heart out and then mend it again good stuff. i miss you.


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