Monday, October 29, 2007

A Moon Phase

This last week I started two paintings that I'm pretty excited about. I've combined two ideas that were both on my mind, the moon and tears. I wanted to paint about sugar tears, tears from a heart that overflows. It was pointed out to me that for a long time I've thought that showing emotion was a weakness. I was wrong. Even happy girls cry.
The second painting is about Diana the moon goddess. There is a story about a hunter who was watching her bathe in the woods. She believed that no man should see her naked because her body was sacred so... she didn't like that and she turned him into a stag. I like this story as a metaphor about her being exposed.
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Kate said...

Artemis/Diana/Luna/Selena is my favorite of the classical deities for a lot of reasons, but her fierce, loving heart is always at the front of my mind. She embodies a lot of qualities of the woman I'd like to be: fleet, independent, brilliant, brave, loving, and absolutely no one to mess with. I could write about her forever (see "Eclipse") and I love the way the painting looks so far.

cassandra said...

So much to read before you get here. Have you read Her Husband about Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. Did I even spell that right? It's'd like it I'm sure.

cassandra said...

Interesting...I read "Eclipse" and loved it but being the self-absorbed person that I am I put myself into it and didn't connect the obvious... the part about the moon and the sun now I like it even more. You are amazing. I guess I think of myself more as a sun but trying to learn to be a moon and that's why I wanted to change genders. hmmm....


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