Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's a good thing that life yanks me out of the studio...or I could get really strange and maybe I would start braiding ribbons into my hair and get a monkey or maybe I would cut off my ear or paint on the back of masonite. I can see how these things happen. Once I'm in there working it takes lots of effort and fresh air to return me to my senses. Back to work.
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Laura A said...

Nate and I both laughed our butts off at your subtle reference to Minerva's painting preferences and creative insanity.

Love it.

pamo said...

aaah. why are you only half there!!!

cassandra said...

Pamo- My dad used to shoot his bbgun at targets in the studio when he needed a quick break...I play with my camera. What do you do?
It was two photos on top of each other taken from the same place.

pamo said...

cass i love it! it's a great release. once again, i'm loving the outfit. (for my release, i read or sew. not nearly as cool as dressing awesome and becoming transparent.)


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