Sunday, August 5, 2007

Something to sing about

Moving in...

We have been working ourselves almost to the point of collapsing...literally. We clean and clean and clean, move boxes from storage, carry in furniture, fix what's broken and then when it seems we've gotten a lot done...there's more. We've been on a tight work routine, not stopping for anything because our truck was scheduled to deliver our stuff. We work, then sleep a little, then drink lots of caffeine then work some more. I have more bruises than I think I've ever had. I'm not complaining because our house looks good and it's going to be so nice to live in all of this clean.
So we've been so focused on getting ready and then this evening we called to confirm the truck's delivery and ...what? an embargo? Looks like we might be sleeping on the floor for a while and wearing the same things over and over again. Our stuff hasn't left the warehouse in Canada.
Luckily I found one box of clothing in storage. This box contained my first Betsy Johnson dress in it along with my 7th grade dolphin shorts (worn by my daughter) and my really cool spiked belt.
Following the shocking news that we didn't need to be in quite the rush to get the house in order, my little one and I cut loose with the karaoke machine (which we also found in storage) and sported several splendid outfits from a couple of happy decades. It felt good to laugh and stomp around. If we don't get our stuff soon, can we wear these outfits out?
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pamo said...

That belt really IS something to sing about!

grittypretty said...

your wardrobe resourcefulness becomes you!

cassandra said...

You gals can totally borrow anything you'd like...come on over!


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